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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Grantmaker Resources

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I actually had a dream last night about having to quickly evacuate. When my phone rang this morning I was surprised. Most my family who live in the Central Time zone know not to call me until at least 7am. But this was urgent.

I awoke to the news about the earthquake in Japan and the potential tsunami headed for the West Coast. Thankfully the waves that came to the Bay Area were nothing like the devastating tsunami that has literally wiped away communities in Japan.

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake is one of the strongest in history. As individuals we’re scrambling to learn more about the extent of the damage. As grantmakers we’re scrambling to organize and learn more about relief efforts.

To help with the latter, NCG staff have gathered resources for grantmakers including how to gather information and philanthropy’s response to the devastation.

Please let us know if there are more resources we should add, and how your foundation is responding.


NCG’s Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: Grantmaker Resources web page.

NCG’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Toolkit.


San Bruno Explosion and Fire Update: NCG Members Respond

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Since last Thursday when the natural gas explosion and fire devastated a San Bruno neighborhood, there have been many generous donations on the part of individuals and organizations to help with the fire relief efforts.

NCG members have also responded and we’d like to highlight the following members* for their efforts:

AAA of Northern California, Nevada & Utah has arranged for AAA members whose car was lost or damaged by the explosion and fire to receive a rental from their partner Hertz. They will also provide debit cards to their members who were displaced from their homes to help with immediate living expenses.

Bank of America has pledged $25,000 to the Bay Area chapter of the American Red Cross for relief efforts.

Jewish Community Federation is accepting donations that “will be directly distributed to the most effective service providers in the Jewish and general communities.”

Levi Strauss Foundation is offering victims of the explosion/fire a $250 gift card. The gift cards are available through Bay Area Red Cross chapters and can be spent at any Levi’s Store. Victims can receive disaster relief by calling 1-888-443-5772 or going to

PG&E has established a “Rebuild San Bruno Fund” which will make available up to $100 million for the residents and city of San Bruno to help recover from the explosion and fire.

The San Francisco Foundation has established a San Bruno Relief Fund. The foundation approved $100,000 to launch the fund.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation has set up a San Bruno Fire Fund. The foundation is offering an initial $100,000 match on all gifts to aid in the response and recovery of this neighborhood.

Wells Fargo has donated to the Bay Area Red Cross to aid victims, will allow customers to make donations to the Red Cross at any of its ATMs in San Mateo County during the month of September.

ZeroDivide Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Tim Wu gives his first-hand account of witnessing the San Bruno explosion and fire on the foundation’s blog.


*Not an exhaustive list. If you’re an NCG member please let us know how you are responding to the San Bruno explosion and fire.


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