Zellerbach Appoints New Executive Director

February 19th, 2014 by NCG

NCG member Zellerbach Family Foundation announced last month the appointment of Allison Magee as the foundation’s new Executive Director. Allison began in her new role at the beginning of February following the retirement of previous Executive Director Cindy Rambo who left the foundation at the end of January.

For the past 10 years, Allison has worked for the City and County of San Francisco, where she has served as a leader in strengthening services for system-involved youth and their families. Her recent work as Deputy Director of the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department includes the development of a national model for juvenile justice system reform…

Please join NCG in wishing Cindy Rambo well as she begins her retirement and in welcoming Allison to our philanthropic community.

Read the full press release.


NCG Interim President and CEO David Greco: Together We Can Be The Change

February 12th, 2014 by NCG

DavidGreco_blog_nameThere are many challenges facing the communities we serve–healthcare, education, income inequality, immigration, environmental issues, and social justice, among others. To address these pressing issues, many grantmakers have joined together in collaborative efforts. We have national organizations such as Grantmakers in the Arts, Grantmakers in Aging, and Grantmakers in Health as well as local networks such as Bay Area Early Childhood Funders, Bay Area Democracy Funders, Bay Area Asset Funders Network, and Bay Area Justice Funders Network.

These grantmaker collaborations have been able to bring focus and expertise to a number of critical issues as well as helping to focus philanthropic dollars. They have also allowed grantmakers to launch initiatives and projects that otherwise would have stalled. As a broad based membership association, what role can Northern California Grantmakers play in supporting these efforts? The reality is that organizations such as NCG play a critical role in the success of these issue-focused collaborations because we recognize that no issue is an island.

Who can link the education funders with those focused on immigration and a path to citizenship?

Who can bring together the funders focused on supporting resource starved communities in Marin, the East Bay and Silicon Valley?

Who can bring together the corporate funders with government agencies and private foundations?

Who can bring together public policy, research, and resources to move grantmakers to action?

NCG can.

NCG’s track record for bringing together grantmakers speaks for itself:

  • AIDS Partnership California (APC): The APC started as an NCG collaborative fund in 1987 and later transferred to the California HIV/AIDS Research Program as one of its funding programs in 2009.
  • NCG’s Arts Loan Fund (ALF) and Emergency Loan Fund (ELF): The ALF and ELF have been around since the early days of NCG. Using these pooled loan funds, NCG members have given over 2,500 low-interest bridge loans–over $40 million–to Bay Area nonprofit organizations.
  • Disaster Preparedness Task Force: NCG housed this member-led initiative to develop a disaster preparedness toolkit for grantmakers which culminated in a disaster preparedness toolkit.
  • Nurturing networks:  NCG has assisted a number of member-led networks including the Bay Area Asset Funders Network, the Bay Area Health Funders Group and the newly formed Mad Hatters Network to bring together funders to discuss issues and job roles.

14_quote_DGreco_silosWe cannot allow critical issues to exist in silos. The balkanization of philanthropy will only result in less impact. Whatever your area of interests is, we must realize that the solutions to these critical issues are related and often interdependent. We know lasting solutions need holistic approaches.

At NCG, we firmly believe that it is only by working together, collaboratively, across issue areas and geographic regions that we can develop comprehensive and sustainable solutions that result in real impact.

Together we can ensure more people have access to critical services, build vibrant arts and cultural institutions, and create healthy, resilient communities. Together we can work towards a thriving society for all.

Together we can be the change.

BABIP 20th Anniversary Reception and Community Impact Awards

February 11th, 2014 by NCG

Join Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy (BABIP) on February 27th, 4:30-7:00pm, as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary Reception and Community Impact Awards.


Looking Back, Leaning Forward
Celebrating 20 Years of Bay Area Black Philanthropy

The San Francisco Bay Area has a rich network of Black philanthropists, philanthropic professionals, and Black community-serving nonprofits. Together, these three groups provide money, knowledge, and services to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our region.

Since the early 1990’s, Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy (BABIP) has been connecting constituencies; advocating for philanthropic leadership, brokering resources, lifting up what works, building community capacity, and strengthening professional and personal networks.

During Black History Month, join BABIP’s Board of Directors, event Honorary Committee and sponsors, and special guests to celebrate BABIP’s 20th Anniversary and 2014 Community Impact Award recipients. Help BABIP recognize its past achievements and chart an inspiring future that amplifies their giving power and collective impact.

Event Information

Date: February 27, 2014
Time: 4:30-7:00pm
Location: St. Regis San Francisco, 125 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Ticket Price: $120 per person

Register online to attend.

For more information on sponsoring this event, please contact Summer Jackson at sjackson@babip.org or 415.362.4808.

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