Larry Blumenthal Illustrates Lessons Learned Implementing Social Media at Foundations

With nine years of overseeing the web and social media strategy at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Larry Blumenthal has some kernels of wisdom on how foundations can take those first steps of implementation.

In his March 12th blog post, Larry elaborates on  the following lessons:

  1. Start with a Strategy in Mind
  2. Your social media efforts should flow out of your overall mission and strategy. Sort those out first.

  3. Baby Steps are OK
  4. Push out of your comfort zone a little at a time (especially if you don’t have support from senior people, yet).

  5. Embrace Failure
  6. If you look at things as an experiment, everything becomes an opportunity to learn.

  7. It’s All About the Conversation
  8. Social media is not about dominating the conversation. It is about generating discussion that we can all learn from.

  9. This is Much Harder Than It Looks
  10. Be realistic upfront about committing the resources to do this well. The world doesn’t need another blog that nobody reads.

  11. Don’t Let a Lack of Clear Metrics Prevent You From Getting Started
  12. Think about your strategy, then get out there and get your feet wet. The analytics will come.

  13. Social Media Isn’t Just About Communications
  14. Think of ways to use social media tools and principles throughout your organization to be more effective at what you do.

Read Larry’s entire blog post online.

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