Kellogg Responds to Criticism of its Initiative To Address Structural Racism

Kellogg President and CEO Sterling Speirn has responded a Washington Street Journal opinion piece that described the foundation’s new America Healing initiative, “the largest single boondoggle ever created for the racial-grievance industry” with a Letter to the Editor.

Sterling’s rebuttal, entitled “Structural Racism Still Abounds and We’re Fighting It,” outlines the case for why Kellogg believes working to address structural racism is necessary to make our nation “truly successful.”

Each day, vulnerable children of color confront invisible barriers that impact their lives. Foremost among these are the quality of their education, their health care and their food availability. As a result, these children are less likely to have an equitable and promising future…

…Many Americans are simply unaware of the link between structural racism and disparities in education, health care and employment opportunities. Even the author knew that when he suggested we put our investments into charter schools. In fact, this past year alone, we have made commitments for more than $30 million for innovative education practices which include charter schools. We see these not as separate fields of activity, rather as a “both and,” not an “either or” strategy.

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